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God answers 3 de Setembro de 2013

Posted by thiagorogel in Escrito com a Alma.
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In My hands
Is your life
Is your heart
are your dreams

In My eyes
I see your fight
I see your tears
I see what feel

In My mind
I create your way
I create the senses
I create the new days

In My heart
I feel what feel your heart
And if you cry
I cry too
but when you smile
I stay very happy

In My dreams
are the best for you
and will make you smile

And the big day will come
I will see you
and if tear still running down her eyes
I will dry with My hands

And you will smile
like never
And you will run with very joy
like never
and you remember what i say for you
Wiht My hands
Wiht My mind
Wiht My heart
Wiht My dreams

I took care of you

God – The great I am